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The Royal Wedding and Health and Safety

During and following the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton (the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) many communities held street parties to celebrate

To try and ensure that health and safety was not used as an excuse for preventing such celebrations, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) released its top-ten tips to help organise a celebration.

If you heard of any parties being prevented on ‘elf ‘n’ safety grounds, please post details in the comments section.

Point 8 on the HSE’s list is: Challenge anyone who says you can't go ahead 'for health and safety reasons'. Find out exactly what it is that they think is wrong - often it's not health and safety at all. If there's a genuine issue, ask what you can do to put it right...mostly there's an easy way to make sure everyone has fun while staying safe.

View the full HSE top ten tips for organising a celebration.

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