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Safety tips when working with chemicals

Maintaining a safe and productive working environment is often challenging whatever the circumstances. When chemicals are involved, that challenge can be significantly increased. Without proper handling, many of the substances on which we rely can be dangerous.

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Top 10 Workplace Christmas Safety Tips

With just ten days to go until Christmas, here are some key tips for employers and employees to keep their workplaces safe, ready for the Christmas holidays.

HSE Workplace Fatalities – 2020/21

photo shows work at heightOver the past 18 months or so, the world’s focus has been on the coronavirus pandemic and how to keep everyone safe. Many businesses have paused or ceased operations during this time with workers furloughed or working from home.

But despite the obvious reduction in numbers of people at work, we have seen from figures published by the HSE recently, that workplace fatalities during 2020/21 have risen. 142 workers were killed compared to 113 in 2019/20 – a 26% increase year on year.

Falls from height are once again the biggest cause of workplace fatalities accounting for 25% of all deaths.  It’s as important now as ever to ensure all those who work at height are trained and competent and that when undertaking work, a safe system of work is to be followed from developing a risk assessment.

According to the work at height regulations, if work at height needs to be undertaken a hierarchy of controls must be followed:

  1. Avoid –
    1. Avoid working at height. Employ systems to achieve the task without exposure.
    2. Roof inspections could be conducted using a camera and telescope pole or drone.
  2. Prevent –
    1. Conduct the task using collective measures (MEWPs, scaffold edge protectors)
    2. Provision of suitable work equipment to prevent a fall from occurring
    3. Work restraint or work positioning
  3. Minimise
    1. Provision of equipment to minimise the distance and consequences of a fall.
    2. Safety nets, airbags and personal equipment can be used. Training and supervision are essential.

Whilst working at height accounted for 35 deaths last year, other causes of fatal accidents were:

  • Struck by a moving vehicle – 25 deaths
  • Struck by a moving object – 17 deaths
  • Trapped by something collapsing/overturning – 14 deaths
  • C…

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4 Best Stress-Relieving Tips for Moms

photo shows a mother working from home with her child presentThe stress that comes with the unpredictable nature of parenting, especially if you have children of a young age, is well-known among working moms.

It can throw off the entire schedule of a mother and child's entire day (both in terms of timing and stress!) if the child, for example, has an accident in potty training or has an emotional meltdown on the way to daycare.

Stressed-out working moms may perform less efficiently on the job, making mistakes that need to be corrected or being less productive.

There is a higher likelihood that new conflicts, hurt feelings, and difficulties will occur during the day if her child is stressed. 

Working moms can maintain a measure of sanity and stress relief in their busy schedules with the following tips.

4 Best Stress-Relieving Tips for Moms

#1. Exercise

Exercise helps relieve stress when done regularly.

As working moms often feel pressed for time and energy, exercise as a task is often hard to fit into their schedules.

As an alternative to a 30-minute gym session, try taking a walk whenever you're feeling stressed at work. You can also perform a 10-minute yoga flow in an empty conference room.

#2. Don't neglect your physical appearance

Working moms often feel guilt about their time spent working outside of the home, whether they must or want to.

Consequently, they avoid taking time for themselves during the evenings and weekends because they feel guilty about spending time apart from their children.

Did you ever hear the saying, "When you look good, you feel good?" That's a very true statement, indeed!

With the new responsibilities of motherhood, it's very easy to start neglecting yourself, especially your appearance. How recently did you last get your hair and nails done? 

Do not let…

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