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Health and Safety News - 6 April 2010

Take a risk - it's good for your health

Judith Hackitt (Chair of the Health and Safety Executive) talks to the Manchester Evening News about risks, conkers and other myths.

Contractor fined following incident at sewage works

A construction company was prosecuted after an incident which saw an employee lose his arm.

Farm worker fatally crushed by a one-ton bale of hay

A farm worker died when a one-ton bale of hay landed on him, near Bideford, Devon.

Tractor tragedy: farmers charged

Two farmers are being prosecuted over an accident which led to the death of a tractor driver.

Iowa farmer killed in accident

A farmer was killed when a tractor and manure spreader he was operating rolled down a small hill and overturned.

18-year old's legs crushed at work

The man was injured in an industrial accident Saturday afternoon at Webco in Sand Springs. A heavy roll of raw material fell onto him, crushing his legs.

Myth: Risk assessment is too complicated for me to do!

HSE Myth of the month - risk assessment. Carrying out a risk assessment should be straightforward. It’s about focusing on real risks and hazards that cause real harm and, more importantly, taking action to control them.

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