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Using technology to create a sustainable business environment

Photo shows a group of office workers looking at a computerCreating a sustainable workplace can be easily achieved in various ways, especially with modern technology such as software automation. The integration of technology into the work environment improves the safety and health of employees. One way to safeguard your employees, assets, and products is by implementing a robust environmental, health, safety program (EHS)  – which leads greater workplace sustainability. Doing so is made much easier with the use of software.

When it comes to sustainability, organizations need to focus on the current systems at hand. Tools and resources like environmental, health and safety software or environmental management software help organizations reduce their operational impacts on the environment. Ultimately, sustainability is achieved while making sure best practices are met.

As sustainability continues to evolve within the organization, and as policies mature as an effective component of operations, EHS software can help the organization remain agile and lean.

How EHS software can be used to create a sustainable and safe workplace

  • Manage organizational-wide work environment data in conjunction with other EHS data, using a one-system approach
  • Support the management of complex EHS requirements and improve compliance using software to track incidents, chemical usage, and equipment as well as for performing audits and inspections
  • Centrally manage all EHS compliance requirements and obligations to ensure nothing is missed or forgotten
  • Promote sustainability with an effective environmental management system
  • Create efficient sustainability processes with software automation
  • Accelerate inspection and corrective action cycles, thus minimizing the risk of EHS incidents going unaddressed or unnoticed
  • Integrate with other software to promote effective communication and safe operations
  • Streamline incident response efforts and build a consistent process across all departments in your organization
  • Plan and build effective risk assessment and management programs that can improve operations and save money

The EHS technology features to obtain

  • Audit and inspection: this module will help you verify the organization is compliant and continuously improving using robust corporate audits and inspection checklists
  • Risk management will help control and mitigate risk from hazardous business activities
  • Incident management will help prevent and reduce occupational incidents to ensure a sustainable work environment
  • Compliance management: this module will help manage the knowledge and skills of your workforce, to ensure employees are properly trained and competently performing assigned job tasks

Overall, EHS software can help you boost profitability, improve the workplace health and safety of your employees, and implement changes more safely and rapidly. Protect your organization and reduce work environment risks, while enhancing your corporate social responsibility initiatives.

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