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The importance of first aid refresher courses

Photo shows a first aid kitTraining your employees on the importance of first aid in the office is essential in creating a safe workplace. It is against the law for employers to not provide adequate and appropriate personnel, equipment and facilities needed to ensure their staff receive immediate attention if they are injured or taken ill on their premises.

First aid courses are becoming more commonplace, but many businesses fail to make use of the extra refresher courses these service providers offer.

Who Is the Course For?

If you’ve already sent a member of staff on a course, this isn’t the end of their training. It’s important that you realise first aid isn’t like riding a bike. It isn’t something you “never forget” and instead requires additional training to ensure the individual is prepared if the situation arises.

Regular refresher courses are essential for any nominated workplace first aiders, and current UK health and safety guidelines recommended that first aid trained staff attend a half-day update every twelve months as well as completing full re-qualification training three years after their initial test. Not only is this an essential course to help keep your first aiders aware of the basics, it also provides an opportunity for them to ask questions to their instructor and peers about any specific scenarios they feel uncomfortable with.

What Will Be Covered?

There are many common hazards in the workplace so courses teach a variety of subjects across the session. Those involved will re-learn vital information such as how to properly examine a casualty, basic life support techniques, how to effectively control blood loss, and how to deal with those suffering from shock or unconsciousness. However, perhaps the greatest benefit to refresher courses is re-learning how to manage the situation. A serious accident in the workplace is a stressful time and places particular attention on the first aid worker in question. To ensure your designated first aider is ready for this moment, make sure they regularly attend refresher courses for their sake as well as their colleagues’.

Studies from last year showed that an estimated 646,000 workers have had an accident in the workplace, 231,000 of these injuries lead to over three days absence from work and a further 175,000 to over seven days.

To prepare your business against these risks, take advantage of the services offered by first aid refresher courses. Service providers run courses all year round and can even visit your company's premises or a local venue of your choice.

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