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The benefits of online first aid training

Photo shows a man using a laptop at homeWhile children will all receive first aid training at school, it is important that adults are also first aid trained. Whether you have never received any training at all, or your existent knowledge is out of date, bridging that skills gap has become easier than ever with online e-learning courses. This guest post aims to explain the benefits of becoming first aid trained online.

It’s Cheaper

Face-to-face courses are more expensive, particularly when you spend your time and money on travel. For individuals or those who live in more remote places, this could essentially double the cost of the course.


There is no need to be in one place at any one time. The course only takes three hours, so if you chose to do your first aid training online, all you will need is an internet connection, a PC, laptop, Mac, or tablet and a spare evening at home. This benefits all users but especially those with busy schedules. Taking a whole day off work to be trained face-to-face for three hours is unnecessary when you can easily do it from home.

Simple and Concise

You may have doubts about online courses, what if they’re too complicated, who do I ask when I need help, and how do I know which answers I gave correctly? All online training courses are developed with the customer in mind. They should be delivering a simple, easy to understand product. A reputable online course provider will test you sufficiently and explain which areas you had difficulty in, with a full guide on how to improve your knowledge. Course providers should also be offering you the help of their expert team who you can contact should you have any problems, and a printable dated certificate on completion. We don’t recommend purchasing a course unless all of these key points are covered.


From a business perspective this is a very useful asset of online training that should not be overlooked. You can combine courses to suit your businesses needs. Most reputable e-learning companies will offer bespoke training and e-learning solutions so that you can optimise your training. For example, you could combine your first aid training course with one which specialised in safeguarding vulnerable adults in sport and still receive the same support throughout each.

Author Bio:

Keir McDonald MBE is founder and Director of EduCare, an online training solutions company that specialises in child protection, vulnerable adult care and first aid courses. EduCare is partnered with the West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust to provide the best in online first aid training.

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