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Safety measures all construction workers must take

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To ensure the safety of themselves as well as clients there are certain safety measures all construction workers must take to assure everyone on a site it free from any potential danger. For more read our article.

Safety measures

Construction is considered one of the most dangerous occupations as workers are exposed to many risks, and it could be fatal if they are not handled correctly.  It is obvious owners need to take care of the safety and security of their workers. However, each worker needs to keep precautions and hazards in mind to make sure they keep safe on the job.

Check work areas

In construction, scaffolding is bound to be used and unfortunately it is responsible for a high number of injuries. So when workings on scaffolding, you always need to ensure that you are 100% safe. Firstly, ask a supervisor if the scaffolding has been thoroughly checked by an inspector, you should never risk working on an incomplete scaffold that does not have a robust platform or base.

Ladders are also one of the primary tools used during construction. However, they also pose as many risks as scaffolding. Ensure you check the ladder thoroughly before use and if you find that the ladder is even a little unsteady, refrain from using it. A sturdy ladder should be of good strength and height, the steps or slabs of the ladder must be secured, and the ground the ladder is placed on should be level to avoid the danger of the ladder falling.

Be careful with electricity and equipment

Most, if not all construction sites require electrical installation. Lifting equipment usually involves big and dangerous machines. When it comes to working with such equipment, it is important to remember to work with extra caution and follow all the instructions that come with working with the machine carefully. If the instructions are not listed, and you are having trouble working with the machine, ask someone. Seek help from any supervisor or co-worker who has worked with the machine before.

If you are using high risk and portable devices such as drills, always make sure the cables are secure and protected, and you are far enough away from water. For your safety as well as others, you should never walk around with any potentially dangerous device whether it is switched on or not. Walking around with such tools increases the chances of you or another co-worker getting seriously hurt by it.

Preserve fencing and prevent fires

You need to avoid and report dangerous areas that seem to have either inadequate or no fencing. If the fencing is broken or damaged, the area needs to be avoided until the fence is fixed, and if the fixing process is taking a lot of time, report this to your site supervisor at once.

With electrical equipment and the use of chemicals, there is always a chance that a fire might erupt on the construction site. Stay aware and take measures to prevent them. Any open flames should be kept far from the construction site especially if wood or any other highly flammable material is being used.

Protective gear

This means hard hats, goggles, gloves and everything in between. Employers are supposed to provide workers with the correct work attire, and if they do not have them, you must demand them and wear them properly and whenever needed. Well-fitted helmets and protective eyewear are paramount. Earplugs or muffs must be worn around noisy work areas, and gloves must also be worn when dealing with chemicals and generally keep your hands safer. Appropriate footwear must also be worn on the site to make manoeuvring much easier as well as keeping your feet safe.

Safe companies

There are many companies that specialise in the construction sector, such as Clarkson Builders, who primarily operate in Milton Keynes. Companies like this pride themselves in keeping the workspace neat and ensuring every worker is abiding by the rules to achieve a safer and better working environment.


Construction workers must remain safe at all times as the job contains many hazards and risks. Following the rules, and reporting anything that seems unsafe on the construction site must be done to keep safe. A construction worker is one of the most fundamental roles in this modern era as they are responsible for the development of buildings, so keeping them safe is essential.


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