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How to stay safe when handling bricks

Photo shows a worker moving bricks in a wheelbarrow on a construction siteBricks are an important ingredient needed in most construction projects. We have been using bricks for thousands of years and many homes and commercial buildings are built with bricks. Whilst bricks are popular, it’s important you know how to use them safely to avoid suffering any handling injuries. We have collected the best safety methods you can utilise to reduce injuries to you and your team, so you can stay safe when handling bricks.

Wear protective helmets and goggles

Safety hard helmets are required on construction sites as a safety precaution. When working with bricks, it’s important to always keep your head and your eyes protected. Falling bricks can cause life threatening injuries. When cutting bricks, pieces of bricks can potentially damage your eyes. This is why you need to keep your head and your eyes covered with PPE helmets and goggles when working with bricks.  

Protect your hands

It’s not compulsory to wear gloves all the time when working with bricks, but wearing a pair of PVC gloves can help protect your hands. Bricks have rough surfaces which can cut the skin. In the unlikely circumstances that a brick is dropped on your hand, work gloves offer extra protection. Direct skin contact with wet cement can also cause burns and dermatitis.

Having to take time off work because of fractured fingers or painful burns is a nuisance, but it can be avoided entirely by taking appropriate precautionary measures. Wear gloves when working with bricks.

Avoid heavy lifting

Carrying some bricks from one location to another is acceptable, as long as, it doesn’t put too much stress on your back. You can suffer long term back pain if you over exert yourself. When carrying bricks, carry a small number at a time or use a vehicle to move them safely. Falling over when carrying bricks can cause painful injury so you should try to avoid carrying bricks but if there’s no other option, carry safely.

Avoid repetitive movements

Repeating the same lifting techniques can be tiring on your back. If you’re moving bricks, make sure you have breaks or work on something else so you don’t strain your body. This is how you can lift bricks safely: bend your knees, use your legs to lift (not your back), keep a strong stance and keep the bricks close to your chest as you carry them. If you’re not comfortable carrying the load, put them down and carry less or use an alternative means to move the bricks.

Learn how to use bricks safely

One of the easiest ways to reduce accidents when working with bricks is to know how to handle bricks safely. Don’t run when carrying them and never throw bricks. Bricks should always be handled safely. When you’re manually cutting bricks or using a bench saw, make sure you know how to cut bricks correctly so you can cut them safely. Many accidents and injuries can be avoided if you know the correct techniques.

At Brickhunter we specialise in finding bricks. As we work with bricks on a daily basis we understand the importance of working safely with bricks. Wearing the correct PPE clothing and handling bricks correctly can help reduce injuries at work.

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