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How to avoid injury at work

Photo shows a woman with one arm in a slingNo matter what environment you work in, from construction to the office, there are accidents just waiting to trip us up! Many people think that accidents only happen in dangerous working environments, but in fact, they can happen anywhere. Some of the most common workplace accidents are slips, trips and falls, which usually occur from slippery surfaces or inadequate signage. There are also accidents which occur from poor working equipment or simply insufficient training to show workers how to carry out their job effectively. It is the job of your employer to keep you safe in the working environment, but you also have to take measures to protect yourself too. If you want to minimise your risk of suffering an injury at work, there are several ways to do it.

Report Dangers

If you notice a potential hazard, such as a puddle on the floor or unsafe equipment, don’t wait for someone else to deal with it, take action yourself before it causes a serious accident. If possible, deal with the hazard but always alert your manager so they can report it or if you have an incident book, you can fill out the details. It is important to report dangers even if you have managed to deal with them so that the same thing doesn’t keep happening. SMSTS courses are designed to develop managers and supervisors awareness and understanding of health and safety issues - they can then impart their knowledge to staff.

Pay Attention

Whenever you are in the workplace, whether it is in the office or especially if you work in a factory or construction environment, it is important to always pay attention to where you are going and what you are doing. A lack of concentration can quite easily lead to an accident, which is what you want to avoid at all costs.

Correct Clothing

There is really no need to wander around the office wearing stilettos, not only is it uncomfortable but it is an accident waiting to happen. Leave your heels for the weekend and stick to flat shoes for the office; they are a much safer option. If you are going into a construction environment, you should be provided with the correct PPE anyway, but if not make sure you have it before entering any unsafe environment. This means hat, gloves and reflective clothing, as the minimum.

Just Say No

Never put yourself in a situation which makes you feel uncomfortable or jeoporadises your health and safety in any way. Many people are too scared to speak up about health and safety issues as they fear for their jobs, but it is important to do this. Whether it is the procedures, training or any other element of your daily tasks, you should always tell your line manager about your concerns. Speaking up about concerns can save lives in some cases, which shows the importance of doing this.  Don’t undertake any tasks until all of your genuine health and safety concerns have been dealt with.

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