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Don Quixote delivers a health and safety induction (just for fun!)

[The employees of a medieval castle gather in the courtyard, where they are greeted by their new safety instructor, a flamboyant knight in shining armour.]

Instructor: "Greetings, fellow knights and ladies! I am Don Quixote, and I have been tasked with the important duty of teaching you the ways of safety in the workplace." [The employees murmur nervously among themselves, unsure of what to expect from this eccentric instructor.]

Instructor: "Now, safety is not just about avoiding physical harm. It is about maintaining a state of mental well-being and inner peace. You must strive to maintain a positive attitude and keep your mind focused on the task at hand." [The employees exchange confused glances, wondering how this applies to safety in the workplace.]

Instructor: "In order to maintain your mental fortitude, you must be vigilant and observant of your surroundings. Keep an eye out for any hazards or obstacles that may impede your progress." [He points to a nearby ladder leaning against a wall.]

Instructor: "For example, if you see a ladder propped up against a wall, you must first ensure that it is stable and secure before climbing it. A faulty ladder can lead to a fall, which can cause injury to both body and spirit." [The employees nod, beginning to understand the importance of maintaining a positive mindset while ensuring their physical safety.]

Instructor: "And remember, safety is a collective responsibility. Each of you must do your part to ensure the safety of your fellow knights and ladies. Together, we can create a workplace that is both safe and spiritually fulfilling." [The employees nod, feeling inspired by the instructor's words.]

Instructor: "Now, let us begin our training in earnest! Follow me, and we shall embark on a journey to a safer and more enlightened workplace." [The employees follow the instructor as he leads them on a meandering path through the castle, pointing out hazards and offering words of wisdom along the way.]

[End of induction training.]

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