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4 Best Stress-Relieving Tips for Moms

photo shows a mother working from home with her child presentThe stress that comes with the unpredictable nature of parenting, especially if you have children of a young age, is well-known among working moms.

It can throw off the entire schedule of a mother and child's entire day (both in terms of timing and stress!) if the child, for example, has an accid…

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Standing up to bullies at work

Photo shows an unpleasant  office working environmentWhen you hear the word bully, it is hard not to instantly think of school and the difficult times you or someone you know might have had when they were bullied by somebody there. What is sometimes forgotten is that bullying also takes place in adult life, and in the workplace, it can manifest easily…

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Five ways to beat the workplace summer blues

picture of  jet leaving with holiday makersThe summer season is fast approaching. The nation's sun-seeking employees are already eager to wrap up their tasks and handover over to colleagues for anything up to three weeks. 

For those left behind, these departures signal additional workloads. Staff who remain in the office or on site will be…

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Santander Banking Group explains what it has done to tackle work related stress

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has recently uploaded to the Stress website a work related stress case study which explains how Santander has tackled stress within its organisation.

The financial sector has gone through some high profile changes in recent years. High pressure working agai…

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HSE: Tips on tackling 6 causes of work-related stress

Addressing work-related stress doesn't have to cost the earth; often it's about identifying practical solutions after assessing the possible causes.

Based on the 6 risk factors included in the Management Standards, this document allows you to check if you're doing enough to address the causes of …

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Advice to help small business owners manage their employees’ mental health and well-being

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has teamed up with Mind to adapt its existing guide, ‘Taking care of business’, to provide common-sense advice to help small-business owners offer practical support to their staff.

Conditions such as depression and unmanageable stress affect one in six B…

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Workplace violence and harassment on the increase in Europe

The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) has reported that third party violence and harassment affect from 5% to 20% of European workers.

Its recent workplace survey shows that 40% of European managers are concerned by workplace violence and harassment, but only around 25% have im…

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