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Fairground attendant prosecuted for safety failings

A fairground attendant has been in court after a teenage girl plunged head-first onto concrete when a restraint bar opened on the ride she was on at a York carnival.

The 13-year-old girl escaped serious injury despite falling around four metres from the 'Cliffhanger Miami Trip' ride as her friends w…

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Four Reasons, Eight Lessons - Reluctance to Report May Not Be Caused By Fear

By Phil La Duke

Conventional wisdom holds that people won’t report near misses because they fear repercussions associated with admitting that they screwed up, but in most cases, conventional wisdom is wrong.

Near misses — incidents where no one was seriously injured but COULD have been — provide u…

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Health and Safety News - 17 August 2010

Scaffolding board incident at hospital

Terence Brown was walking through the entrance of Southend Hospital when a 20ft-long plank fell from the top of the building and narrowly missed him and an elderly couple. A spokesman for Connaught said: “We are currently investigating an incident in which a sc…

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