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Working with height safely: How to use risk assessment

Photo shows scaffolding at a construction sitePeople who work high above the ground have a number of things to consider so that they stay safe. From telephone line workers to tree pruners to window cleaners, all personnel who must work high above the ground need the best, most stable access equipment for height.

Equipment that provides support…

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Fall hazards in unusual places — what you don’t know CAN hurt you

This post was written by Rigid Lifelines, a leading provider of fall protection solution and OSHA fall protection information. They provide anything from a simple fall arrest harness, to a more comprehensive system.

Many fall hazards are obvious to even the untrained eye. Unenclosed elevated walkwa…

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Hastings scaffolder balanced eight metres without safety harness

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) reports that a Hastings scaffolder has been fined for endangering himself and others after working on a four-storey scaffold with no harness.

A passing HSE inspector spotted Gareth Roser working without a harness - he was contracting for Battle-based Giant Scaf…

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