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Who visits

Photo shows a globeThanks to Google, we can see who has been visiting, more specifically, where they are in the World. Looking at the number for the past two months, we get a pretty clear picture.

It's probably not a surprise that just over 72% of visitors were based in the United Kingdom but we're also getting lots of visitors from most other parts of the World:

  • 6% from the United States of America
  • 3% from Ireland
  • 2% from India

...about 1% each for the following:

And just under 0.5% from each of these:

There were also quite a few more with just the odd one or two visitors.

We can only hope that visitors from these far-flung countries found what they were looking for! It would be great to get some comments from visitors from anywhere exotic, especially if they share an interest in occupational health and safety.


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