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Photo shows a man typingAre you an expert in a health and safety topic?

HealthSafetyNews welcomes guest blog articles from contributors on a wide range of topics - there are some terms and conditions but generally any well written, original work on a suitable topic is likely to be accepted.

Topics that have been covered so far include: improving safety standards through education; fall hazards, personal protective equipment (PPE); safety tips for setting up your own business; what to put in your first aid kit; health and safety training and choosing between classroom and e-learning; the benefits of accreditation with NEBOSH and IOSH; Legionella risk assessment; smoking; fire prevention (in the home and electrical) and; even an article on beating the 'workplace summer blues'.

There are lots of topics that we'd still love to see some good articles about and those of you who are willing to share your expertise are asked to put pen to paper and submit your quality articles to HealthSafetyNews. Some topics that we'd really like to cover are: work related stress; bullying in the workplace; chemical safety; risk assessment; competency and; ergonomics. You'd also be welcome to submit something on a topic we've covered in the past if you have a different view or a new way to solve a problem facing those people who manage health and safety in the workplace.

To get in touch about submitting an article, simply use the form on the guest bloggers page.


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