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Health and Safety News 23 March 2010

25% of city building sites 'unsafe'

More than a quarter of 163 construction sites in Greater Manchester visited by Health and Safety Executive (HSE) inspectors last week failed to meet the required standards.

No insurance leads to £2,100 fine

The proprietor of a greengrocer's has been fined £2,100 with £1,850 costs for not possessing compulsory employer's liability insurance.

Four men suffer burns in Newton Abbot factory fire

An explosion and fire on Thursday at the premises of Teignbridge Propellers Ltd injured 4 employees, one of whom was detained in hospital for treatment for burns.

Red Arrows collide during Greek training

Two of the Red Arrows have collided over Crete, forcing one pilot to eject before his aircraft crashed onto the Greek island.

Crete site worker electrocuted

A 40-year-old immigrant worker died instantly on Saturday after being electrocuted on a construction site in eastern Crete. The father-of-two was lifting a sheet of metal when it made contact with an electricity pylon next to the construction site.

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