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Health and Safety News - 7 June 2010

'Sickies' costing £2.5bn a year

Employees took 180 million sick days last year, averaging 6.4 days each, down from 6.7 in 2007 and the lowest since the CBI survey began in 1987.

Probe launched after train derails

Investigators are trying to establish why a train carriage derailed and caught fire, leaving eight people injured near the Falls of Cruachan Power Station, close to Loch Awe in Argyll.

Football club fined after worker injured

Aston Villa was fined £1,350 after a contractor from Mechanical Cleansing Services Ltd fell three metres through a fragile rooflight.

Eye care duties 'not being met'

A study commissioned by national sight charity the Eyecare Trust and healthcare provider Simplyhealth has found that there is no eye care policy at all in one in ten businesses. "Screen fatigue" is regularly suffered by 90% of office workers.

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