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Health and Safety News - 17 March 2010

Royal Mail escapes with five-figure fine

Royal Mail has received a reduced fine following the death of an employee after the group mitigated that it’s experiencing financial difficulties. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) issued two Improvement Notices, which required Royal Mail to review its management systems for controlling access to trailers, and carry out a new risk assessment for pedestrian activity at the site.

Farmer electrocuted in windmill accident

Michael Helyar, 35, and father John Helyar, 65, were moving a 7.6-metre metal windmill which came into contact with a 12,700-volt power line and they were electrocuted.

Safest fleet operator honoured by government-backed scheme

RES Teesdale Scaffold has been identified by the government-backed Driving for Better Business campaign as operating one of the UK's most reliable and secure fleets.

Man crushed by lawn mower in Bremen

Jared Smith, 33, was killed when an industrial sized lawn mower he was working on fell on him.

Liverpool crane plunge survivor meets firefighters who saved him

Iain Gillham was left paralysed after he was ejected from his 200-ft high cab and fell through three floors of the building last July. Yesterday, he met the men who pulled him from the wreckage. Gillham has been told by medics that he will never walk again.

Crane overturned 'when worker failed to activate warning signs'

Sheffield Crown Court heard that the Corus UK crane had been fitted with 'safe working load' alarms after concerns were raised about its stability. The worker using the crane had not been trained on using them so when the crane became overloaded at Aldwarke Steel Works on 4 September 2008, he did not activate the signs.

Chemical explosion at resort sent over 30 people to hospital

A chemical explosion at Olympia Resort and Conference Center left an employee with multiple fractures and minor burns on 16 March 2010. The worker was reportedly mixing chlorine with another chemical while in the laundry room of the resort, prompting the blast. As a safety precaution, over thirty people, including other employees and emergency  services personnel also reported to area hospitals following the incident.

HSE calls for wider focus on health and safety

The Health and Safety Executive's (HSE) new Do Your Bit campaign aims to get people from all areas of business involved with health and safety after research showed that involving workers has a positive effect.

Pfizer ignored safety matters, former employee testifies in trial

Molecular biologist Becky McClain of Deep River, who was fired by Pfizer in 2005 in what she claims in a federal civil suit was retaliation for pressing safety concerns, said scientists today are handling much more dangerous substances than existed a quarter century ago.

Roof plunge dad backs safety plea

Paul Harper, paralysed after a fall at work, is backing the Health and Safety Executive's 'Shattered Lives' campaign to warn employees of the dangers of working at height.

Wheelie bin death prompts changes to health and safety guidelines

Health and safety guidelines for commercial wheelie bins have been changed after a teacher who climbed into one was crushed to death, an inquest has been told.

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