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Training in first aid – how companies can make their work environment safer

Photo shows a first aid kitIt’s a sad fact that accidents, injuries, and illnesses can take place in the workplace. For this reason, many countries have adopted a law ensuring that workers have access to a well-stocked first aid kit and facilities alongside an actual response system that provides an established procedure for setting things in motion in case of need.

This article relates to good first aid practice in Dubai but the concepts will apply to most countries.

Safety should definitely be a priority in the workplace and immediate provision for first aid is absolutely paramount. This is why good Dubai employers take the time to invest in first aid training. Some of the first aid applications taught in the typical health and safety courses in Dubai include CPR, how to control bleeding, how to treat wounds and burns, how to manage someone who fell unconscious, how to respond to episodes of seizure or shock, etc. Injury prevention and recognition of common medical conditions are also crucial topics. Besides these, it’s important to know what to do when someone is choking, has broken or sprained something, has been poisoned, etc. Besides practical applications of first aid, trainees will also learn to properly record and report incidents.

It’s definitely convenient and infinitely reassuring to have people who are capable of providing first aid. Dubai workplaces certainly benefit from this measure of protection and safety. Should there ever be a serious incident, the presence of trained first aiders could spell the difference between life and death. Emergency services sometimes can’t get to the site fast enough, so it’s good to have people who can take immediate and appropriate action.

Generally, first aid training also provides a good foundation for a workplace culture that is always aware of safety. With everybody encouraged to behave responsibly toward health and safety, risks of incidents effectively become lower.

If you’re the head of a company and would like to have your people undergo safety training courses, make sure that you choose a training provider that is qualified and certified by the pertinent government agency. A good service provides a wide range of courses, from basic first aid to fire safety. Besides first aid training, you should definitely consider sending somebody to a safety officer course in Dubai.

Training typically doesn’t take long, so you need not fear that your staff will be taken away from their work. Considering the benefits of first aid training to the workplace, it definitely makes a prudent investment of company time and money.

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