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The types and importance of warning signs

The black and yellow warning signs that we see displayed in different places play an important role in our lives. They protect us from many potentially hazardous situations.

Regardless of the hazardous place, it is always the responsibility of someone to warn all parties concerned about the hazard. There are various situations in which these signs are used, and they can be divided into several sub categories.

Some warning signs can be considered general signs as they are more commonly visible to the general public and workers. For instance, a highway maintenance sign is displayed on the site to warn the staff as well as the general public about the potential hazard. The sign may consist of the words Highway Maintenance. Similarly, a Loading in Progress sign displays a loader and an exclamation mark, along with the words, to clearly indicate what’s going on and that everyone should take caution.

Besides the general type of signs, there are several specific as well. One of the specific types is Electrical Safety Signs. A characteristic feature of this type is the zigzag arrow pointing downwards. In the Danger High Voltage and Danger Live Wires signs, for instance, the arrow is displayed with the wording to indicate the hazard. The Danger of Death sign is more graphic, showing a person being struck with the arrow.

Overhead Hazard signs can also be considered a specific type of signage. These are useful in many situations and often depict the object that may cause the hazard. For instance, in a Falling Objects sign, objects such as bricks and debris are shown falling on a person to give a graphic description of the type of danger the sign is warning people about. Another overhead hazard sign is the Overhead Crane sign that depicts a crane carrying a heavy load – the message again is very clear.

Warning signs cautioning about the flammable nature of substances are also one of the more commonly used signs. An exclamation mark is used to caution against a flammable gas or liquid. A fire is used to warn against highly flammable LPG.

Warning signs are found in almost all types of buildings and construction sites as well ason several items of everyday use. It is the responsibility of the relevant authorities to display these signs and it’s the responsibility of everyone to act accordingly to ensure safety.

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