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How paediatric first aid courses help you become an effective child caregiver

Photo shows a plaster being applied to a child

It’s not that curiosity is a bad thing that should be curtailed. No. Every parent and caregiver should nurture a child's innate curiosity. But instead of giving free rein to that curiosity, caregivers should temper that with vigilance and proper preparation, like taking up paediatric emergency first aid.

Often, there's a fine line between exploration and an accident. One moment, the child may be fiddling with an object, and the next moment, he's crying after he's been hurt.

Paediatric first aid courses are highly recommended to anyone who works closely with children, including au pairs, nannies, childminders, pre-school staff and crèche leaders. Even first-time parents will immensely benefit from these courses.

What do paediatric first aid training courses cover?

These courses combine theoretical and practical training in the field of first aid training, specific to infants and children aged one to those who are on the onset of puberty. The goal of these courses is to prepare learners in their role as first responders during times of accidents and emergencies. It is important to remember that in any emergency situation, prompt and proper action can often spell the difference between life and death.

These courses cover a wide variety of topics, all of which can help those who are tasked with taking care of children become effective first aid providers. Among the topics covered by these courses are proper response to: unconsciousness; choking; wounds and bleeding; burns and scalds; head injuries; neck injuries; back injuries; conditions related to the ears, eyes and nose; common childhood illnesses; allergies; temperature extremes; poisoning; insect bites, and incident management.

These courses take anywhere between four to six hours to be completed but the lessons that you can pick up are invaluable and can allow you to become a better caregiver to your young wards. Additionally, these courses can enhance your skills and open up new work opportunities for you.

Upon completion of the course, you will get not only a certification which can be used for on-site job identification. More importantly, you will receive the knowledge and skills that will help you effectively deal with a wide variety of emergency situations involving kids.


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