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How digital signage can help improve health and safety

Effectively implementing health and safety policies is a big priority in workplaces. Whenever an incident occurs whether big or small, a business and its workers need to feel secure in the knowledge that they are protected. This is no small matter for a company as it can prove disastrous with possibilities of criminal charges or legal action when companies fail to follow correct health and safety procedures. Digital signage is a new way to implement and share your health and safety policies with your workforce and I will talk about why you should consider it too.

A variety of different workplaces can benefit from digital signage displays. From offices to factories to building sites, these workplaces will all have their own set of distinct health and safety procedures. By installing a digital signage display there is now an open line of communication where employees can be reminded of key health and safety rules in place. This kind of visibility means there is no room for excuses and ensures that everyone is working towards a higher level of welfare. This can also stop workers from inadvertently disobeying the correct rules. This would often not be done by choice but by the lack of knowledge. This is why digital signage is such an effective form of communication. Gone are the days of boring health and safety folders for companies - they can now use visually appealing images and videos to really educate their audience in a captivating way.

There is no excuse for a company not to invest in the safety of their employees. There is a range of different digital signage products for a variety of different work environments, for example, on an outdoor building site, health and safety messages can be communicated to workers through an outdoor advertising display.

Where digital signage really shines is in the fact it can provide live up to date information.  Digital signage can also be updated in a matter of seconds, this can be essential in the event of a real emergency. For example, in the event of a fire alarm going off, a receptionist can update all the digital signage displays to show evacuation procedures – correct routes become important in times like these so, showing the correct fire exits and fire assembly points with clear maps and audio instructions, could help save lives.

When implementing a health and safety plan, one of the main aims is to communicate all of the different rules and regulations in a way that actively engages with its audience instead of boring them. Digital signage displays can be there for you 24/7 in a way no other communication form can be. Digital signage displays ensure every employee has access to clear and precise information to keep them safe.


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Article by Thomas Fraser-Bacon who is marketing manager for digital signage company

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