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Health and safety software takes the H&S strain

Photo shows a man relaxing by his computerThe regulatory landscape is arguably more complex than ever, and the rules and guidelines are ever-more stringent. In a complex world where environmental protection and health and safety performance are critical to long term business and supply chain success, intelligent health and safety management software is taking the stage; and playing a vital part in compliance. 

The best systems ensure quality standards are met. They cut health and safety risks to staff, protect the general public and give users and the regulatory authorities total control over compliance. They make it easier and simpler to identify and achieve today's tough environmental, health and safety performance levels and also work to change people's behaviour for the better, for good.

Preventing accidents and reducing loss

The best systems allow users to spot trends and identify areas of weakness, therefore driving effective accident prevention, reducing incidents and cutting losses, reducing risks to the health and safety of staff, the public and the environment. But how do you identify the best system for your particular circumstances?

12 point checklist for the best incident management software

Check that the Safety Management System Software systems you're considering can achieve all this before adding them to your shortlist. You need a system that:  

  1. Lets you access absolutely everything in one place, including outstanding actions, via one simple personal dashboard
  2. Manages both quality and environmental issues seamlessly – which means your quality standards are met and your people naturally take environmental factors into account
  3.  Helps you both achieve and prove your compliance, saving time and effort as well as money – you get immediate access to all the documentation your clients and the regulators need
  4.  Stores all your data in one place conveniently and simply, making it available from one personal dashboard
  5.  Is easy to learn and easy to use, intuitive and straightforward, even for brand new users and novices
  6.  Gives you immediate access to a suite of vital management reports, which you can tailor to your circumstances. It should reveal trends and audit scores, let you action close-out rates, export charts and graphs and handle all the file formats you mighty need, including .csv, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, HTML and .tif
  7.  Has every function you need, with no software to upload to your system and no hardware required
  8.  Comes at a reasonable cost, where you only pay for the functionality you actually need
  9.  Actually improves your reporting and performance as well as monitoring it, through the intelligent formalisation of processes and procedures which enables positive behaviour change
  10.  Can be implemented quickly with very little or no disruption to your existing systems and workflow, and with no configuration required, ideally by an expert, experienced organisational development team
  11.  Is capable of sharing critical data throughout your business and out into your supply chain, essential for cost effectiveness and efficiency
  12.  Comes from a supplier who is happy to provide a free demo

Making it impossible to miss vital actions, accidents, inspections and audits

The best Construction Safety Software systems tell you about upcoming audits and inspections, and let you filter systems data to reveal  specific actions and incidents, audits and inspections as well as filtering actions by status. They let you switch to a calendar view which alerts you to upcoming events and actions that need closing. And they let you record audits, inspections and incidents. Once you've identified the most relevant system for your business health, safety and environmental concerns will be easier to handle, simpler to organise, and impossible to miss. Which means you can relax and concentrate on what you do best: growing the  business.

Author bio

YellowJacket is an efficient, easy-to-use online tool that enables you to properly manage quality, environmental, health and safety performance. Using YellowJacket health and safety software can improve the safety record across your organisation or down through your supply chain, if you need more information then please contact us.

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