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Essential protective equipment and clothing for the workplace

Photo shows a welder wearing protective clothingThere are dangers of varying degrees in just about every professional environment, from restaurant kitchens to factories, warehouses, building sites and road works – even offices to some extent. This is why it is essential to consider ways to reduce risks of injury and accident at work.

Thankfully there are a number of ways to minimise workplace danger. There is of course health and safety legislation. There are also rules in specific places of work to keep employees safe; safety signs to warn people of dangers (no smoking signs, keep clear signs and fire action signs etc.) and; supervisors to ensure rules are followed. Often these rules cover the type of clothing and equipment workers must wear and have in place. The following protective clothing and kit is widely used in places of work across the world, and for many professions these items are absolutely vital.

Fire extinguishers

Fire is a risk in a huge number of workplaces, from factories to kitchens and laboratories. For this reason such places must have fire extinguishers which are suitable for the kind of fire that is likely in that environment.

First aid kits

Every office, shop or café should have a first aid kit on hand. There are specific workplace first aid kits available, as well as kits for vehicles, sports, catering and outdoor fast response. They really are essential because unfortunately accidents do happen.

Safety helmets

If you work on a construction site or similar you will probably be made to wear head protection. A safety helmet really can mean the difference between life and death if a piece of debris falls from a large structure, and thankfully today’s helmets are very well made to provide maximum protection.

Ear plugs

In many workplaces ear plugs are obligatory too. This is certainly true in factories where loud machinery is in operation, which could easily damage your hearing if you went unprotected. The ear plugs and ear muffs available today provide excellent protection against even the loudest machinery.

Safety glasses

Safety glasses are vital if you work with chemicals, or machinery that produces small pieces of debris and dust. Protecting your eyes is hugely important and thankfully, with the right safety glasses, goggles or face mask, this is easily done.

Boiler suits

Protective clothing can be essential too, not just to keep you clean but to protect you from the weather, work related debris and even flames. There are boiler suits designed for various professions which are vital for occupational health and safety.

Industrial gloves

If you work with machinery, chemicals, heat or cold there are gloves to protect your hands. The industrial gloves available today include cut resistant gloves, cold handling gloves, heat and welding gloves and chemical resistant gloves.

High-vis clothing

Whether you work in a factory or on road works, high-visibility clothing can alert others to your presence and increase safety on site.

Safety boots

Of course it is also vital to protect your feet, whether you are a builder, an engineer or a gardener. There are plenty of types of safety boots and shoes available which can keep your feet dry and prevent toes being broken.

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