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Common hazards in the workplace

Despite the ongoing hard work of all of us involved with improving awareness of health and safety issues in the workplace, serious accidents and injuries are still very common.

To help raise awareness of this, Cute Injury have put together a great infographic detailing the most common hazards in the workplace – as well as some revealing stats from the past year. For instance, there was a total of 78,000 UK employees injured at their workplace over 2012/2013 – which added up to a total of 27 million working days lost due to either injury or illness.

As well as the usual suspects of dangerous machinery and vehicles, the infographic helps to remind us that one of the biggest causes of injuries in the workplace is in fact the lack of training – both in operating hazardous machinery and handling hazardous materials.

There is also still an alarming lack of testing and repair work in UK workplaces, with poorly maintained machinery continuing to cause serious accidents and injuries.

Other causes of injury highlighted by the infographic include poor cleanliness and general upkeep of the workplace – slippery floors, dirty machinery etc… as well as poor health and safety information available to employees and site visitors, a lack of first aiders and first aid kits and no evacuation plans.

See the full infographic below and let us know what you think in the comments…

Infographic describes common hazards in the workplace

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