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Are you paying the price for not looking after your employees?

Businesses owners can see just how costly a health and safety lapse could be thanks to a brand new infographic by the Occupational Safety & Health Consultants Register (OSHCR).

‘Health & Safety at Work: The Cost of Doing Nothing’ shows that the cost of a qualified health and safety consultant is nothing in comparison to the cost of a health and safety claim.

Take a look.

There is some fascinating information on show. For example: did you know that the average fine for duty holders who were found guilty of a health and safety offence in 2013/14 was more than £15,000?

But that’s not all. Just one year earlier there were more than 175,000 absences from work of more than 7 days; and therein lies the second cost of a health and safety issue: paying for working days that are lost. You might even be forced to pay for support staff or replacements, in addition to paying for sickness absence.

From workplace injuries to illness, there are a number of ways that employees can be placed at risk and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and various Local Authorities are ready and waiting to make businesses pay for placing workers at risk.

As the infographic shows, this can carry a hefty price tag.

 infographic health and safety at work - the cost of doing nothing

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