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2010-11 names and details of fatalities

Sobering reading from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Details of fatalities naming the individuals who died remind us that there is a person with family and friends behind the numbers we read in official statistics.

2010-11 names and details of fatalities

Details for previous years are also available:

2009-10 names and details of fatalities

2008-09 names and details of fatalities

The HSE states that "this information is the collated picture of ‘as reported’ information on fatalities, including those documented in our Chief Executive’s reports. It is updated on a monthly basis. It does not purport to be a formal statistical release. Subsequent investigation may determine that some are not reportable under RIDDOR, for example deaths due to natural causes. Other deaths shown here may have been caused by gas incidents in the home. In such cases these deaths will not be counted in our statistics for workplace fatal injuries."

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