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Mr Darcy gives a health and safety induction (just for fun!)

[The scene opens with Mr. Darcy standing before a group of new employees at his grand estate, Pemberley. He looks stern and serious as he begins his lecture.]

Mr. Darcy: "Good day, ladies and gentlemen. It is with great importance that I address you today regarding the health and safety of our esteemed Pemberley estate. As new members of our staff, it is imperative that you understand the gravity of our policies." [The new employees, mostly dressed in humble garments, nod and look slightly intimidated.]

Mr. Darcy: "Firstly, the usage of candles and fireplaces must be executed with utmost care. Any candle left unattended or fireplace left untended can result in a devastating fire, leaving our grand estate in ruins." [The new employees murmur in agreement.]

Mr. Darcy: "Furthermore, the handling of hazardous chemicals must be executed with precision and caution. It is essential that you familiarize yourselves with the location of the safety equipment, as well as the emergency procedures in place in the case of any mishaps." [Mr. Darcy clears his throat and continues.]

Mr. Darcy: "I also urge you all to take great care when handling tools or any sharp objects. Any carelessness can lead to serious harm to oneself or others." [The new employees nod in agreement, some of them looking particularly anxious.]

Mr. Darcy: "Lastly, I implore you to be mindful of your surroundings at all times, particularly while working outdoors. A small slip or fall could have dire consequences."

[As Mr. Darcy concludes his speech, the new employees look both impressed by his eloquence and grateful for his concern for their safety.]

Mr. Darcy: "Remember, we are not only tasked with the care of this grand estate, but also with the care of each other. Let us all uphold the standards of Pemberley, with both pride and prejudice." [The new employees nod and disperse, feeling both honoured and humbled by the responsibility of their new roles.]

[End of induction.]

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