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Hygiene standards in UK restaurants

Owners of restaurants, bar food businesses and fast food outlets have a responsibility to their customers to adhere to the highest of food hygiene standards. This should be a given for all providers of food, but time and again we see that numerous outlets across the UK are abysmally short of acceptable hygiene standards.

This infographic by Cleaning Services Group explores the state of hygiene in the country’s restaurants, with some shocking statistics indicating a worrying level of neglect. For every 10 restaurants in the UK, one is deemed to be short of the minimum standard for food hygiene. In some areas, this figure is as high as three out of 10. Is that not an alarming game of Russian roulette to play? Take your pick from 10 restaurants, but chances are at least one will be unhygienic?

A survey carried out by the Food Standards Agency identified hygiene trends among the country’s most popular restaurant chains. While several recorded absolutely no premises that fell short of standard, others were revealed to be not as meticulous. In fact, for one particular chain, 1 out of 3 such restaurants failed to meet hygiene standards.

Take a look at the infographic below for a more thorough overview of hygiene standards in UK restaurants.

Infographic details food hygiene standards in the UK

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