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Health and safety in the office; what are you missing?

Photo shows people working in an officeThe emphasis on health & safety is now such an important aspect of our society. Governments, companies and local services all place our safety as one of their top priorities. But when it comes to safety in the work place it’s down to the employer and the health & safety trained to keep the work plac…

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Manual handling at work; when you probably shouldn't lift

Photo shows a close view of someone carrying a boxAt one time, what you could and couldn’t lift whilst operating in a workplace environment was down to what you could physically manage.

People love the phrase ‘can-do attitude’, but thankfully that doesn’t apply anymore when it comes to manual handling.

Whilst there are no legal limits…

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The benefits of online first aid training

Photo shows a man using a laptop at homeWhile children will all receive first aid training at school, it is important that adults are also first aid trained. Whether you have never received any training at all, or your existent knowledge is out of date, bridging that skills gap has become easier than ever with online e-learning courses. T…

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Prize Draw

Photo shows the cover of the book Health and Safety, Environment and Quality AuditsWhen @HealthSafety passed 9,000 Twitter followers, it seemed like a great opportunity to plan a prize draw as a quick way to say thanks to all of our followers. So, once we reach 10,000 followers, one follower will be chosen at random to receive a copy of Stephen Asbury and Peter Ashwell's book Heal…

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