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Guidance: New protection for workers from artificial light

New regulations further protecting workers from the dangers of hazardous sources of artificial light come into force today.

The Control of Artificial Optical Radiation at Work Regulations meets a European Union Directive to ensure that standards are set and harmonised across Europe to protect workers from harm arising from exposure to hazardous sources of artificial light.

Some sources of artificial light, particularly UV radiation and light from lasers can harm the eyes and skin of workers and must be properly managed.

Workers in Great Britain are generally well protected from dangerous sources of light and the majority of businesses know how to manage the risks effectively. Therefore the regulations will mean few practical changes for most businesses, including those who are already managing the risks.

To help those businesses who are not already managing the risks understand what's required and what they need to do, HSE is producing guidance to ensure workers can remain appropriately protected.

Common sources of light in the workplace such as office lights, photocopiers and computers are not affected by the regulations. 


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